Art therapy


To walk the path of creativity and art is like walking the path of aliveness.

Art therapy offers ideal support to clarify important life issues such as reorientation, search for meaning, self-awareness, self-care or constructive dealing with challenging feelings. Holistic art therapy does not repair the old in order to function again quickly, but opens up the new. The crisis is seen as an opportunity, loss as a way to achieve a conscious and therefore content, yes, joyful connection with oneself and one`s life. Art therapy supports the development of one`s own facilities and strengths.

The specials:


The B.M.C. LAB; BREATH. MOVE. CREATE. At the Multiraum and Atelier, Seestadt, Vienna, every 3rd Sunday of the month. Infos: DOWNLOAD B.M.C LAB PDF

Art Therapy Single setting: by appointment in the studio in Seestadt, Vienna.


Art therapy in the clinic and spa hotel Bad Pirawarth, Austria.

Creativity is the confrontation with aliveness in us and around us. This intelligent, universal power is at our disposal, not just for artistic projects, it flows into our lives and transforms them. Through us, the new is born. The canvas for our most important work of art is our everyday life.

The participants will learn from modern creativity research: What can creativity do for me? How do I find access to creativity? What supports it? What prevents it? The creative action leads us into the area of the right brain, neglected by our meritocracy. Here you will experience the timeless, soothing effect of this absent-minded game and become whole.

The tools: Theory lectures. Attention and body awareness exercises. Multimedia creative practice units. Guided group work, Open Circle.