Art therapy


Permanent Creation is the art of discovering the world not by the rational mind, but through direct experience. That changes our whole approach, the way we perceive ourself and the way we live our lives consciously.

In art therapy creative ways are presented in order to draw attention from the obsessive thought stream into the fullness of the present moment. Are we able to relax in the here and now, we see directly how life supports us with all which is necessary.

Everything is constantly changing, every moment is creation. Permanent Creation.

Art therapy station Clinik and Rehabilitation Centre Bad Pirawarth, Austria, Europe.

Creativity means confronting life in all its forms, both within and around us. This intelligent, universal power is available to us at all times, not only for art projects but as a transforming part of our lives: we ourselves give rise to new things. Our everyday life is the canvas for our most important work of art.

Participants will learn about new discoveries from creative research: what can my creativity do for me? How can I find my creativity? What does my creativity support? What does it prevent? Through awareness exercises we face the body and its current emotions. We encounter our current selves in a gentle, non-judgemental mode. Simple approaches enable us to find a topic for the ensuing creative process. The objective is to encounter one’s ongoing sensibilities and to enter into a dialogue with them, without attempting modification or repair.

The A.R.T. Kreativwerkstatt offers a range of art methods through which the guests, subject to aptitude, can realise and explore their creativity. The creative process involves the right half of the brain, neglected by our performance-oriented society. You experience the timelessness and enchantment of this game and become whole.