Exhibition of sculptures at create art GALLERIES: HERRENGASSE Gallery 12

Herrengasse 12, 1010 Vienna.
Visitable as an outdoor gallery in passing or also as an art restaurant/bar/coffee break to linger!

NEW game variation: TINTENSTROM - Cinema

is possible either in a group, in pairs or individually.

  • You draw one card, (with or without a question).
  • Then each player takes 5 minutes of viewing the image, immerse yourself effortlessly in the stream of ink and create a movie in your mind´s eye. The design of the cards is particularly suitable for associations from the unconscious (similar to the Rohrschach test). It is important to hide the meaning of the card or its name and to really only dream yourself into the pictorial representation.
  • If there are several players you can then come together in groups of 2 and tell each other the movies. One tells and the other listens and/or writes down keywords.
  • In pairs: The one who listened repeats what was heard, like a mirror, without interpretation. Then change.
  • Then you look at the card again and see what message it has for you. (A coherent, positive sentence for the next time)
  • With groups: Each player tells his*her movie to the group, and if you leave something out, the one who listened before will add the missing parts.
  • Individually: First you dream yourself into the image, let the movie come into being and then in a second step you see if there is a message for your present situation in this movie.
  • Feedback session.

For ceremonies: Everyone gets a flower and puts it into a shared pool of water with the intention that the message will blossom.