TINTENSTROM - Theater in the Hidden

Edition 3 - Culture of Change

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TINTENSTROM - Theater in the Hidden

Edition 2 - Leela, Game of Life and
Edition 1 - Gnothi Seauton

Pick a Card! (click to start and pause)
The description of the card can be found here (see table of contents)

NEW! The beta version of the 3rd edition of TINTENSTROM Theater in Hidden is ready for test runs!

As the title "Culture of Change" already reveals, the card game here explores the field of changemaker play. In workshops, groups are guided through processes designed to take the group`s concern to the next level using the card game and experiential and insightful enactments.

TINTENSTROM, germ. Stream of Ink.

May playfulness spill into the world like the stream of ink which created these cards.

TINTENSTROM – Theater in the Hidden is an unparalleled game that is used in a wide variety of areas particularly wherever lightness of play and intelligence of intuition is welcome. TINTENSTROM can also be used during game evenings, workshops, therapeutic settings or artistic productions.

TINTENSTROM has already been played at festivals, congresses and vernissages. (2019: Gallery WestART Zurich, Switzerland; Art Gallery Vienna, Austria; Performance on the occasion of the opening of the Biennale di Venezia, Italy; Playfullnessfestival near Rome, Italy; Science and Nonduality Congress, Titignano Castle, Italy; Partycipation Festival and KunstMeetings in Museum am Bach, Carinthia and Gallery "Die Schöne" Vienna, Austria).


The game begins!

Life is a theatre in which we already play our roles to unparalleled perfection.

TINTENSTROM makes this omnipresent theatre visible. The playing cards represent different roles and aspects of a person, like being a child, following his*her star, distraction, courage, doubt, etc. It is about the roles and aspects that people experience in their everyday life. While this hidden theatre often takes place unconsciously and seriously in real life, it is a game in TINTENSTROM.


At the latest when Peter Pan lands at your window, it is clear that the temptations of adventure can no longer be ignored. The urge of existence can no longer be quieted, it wants to experience, paint its face and take the step that cannot yet be foreseen. TINTENSTROM offers playful possibilities for adventures with yourself and/or others.


TINTENSTROM is a contemporary adaptation of the classical Tarot. If you draw a card, you enter the oracle, which provides unpredictable twists and angles; thus, shuffling the functional way of thinking. If we get involved with the oracle, we enter an intelligent universe in which everything is connected, not necessarily rational, but playful and creative like a hidden theatre. The oracle isn’t a “miracle”; it’s simply a mirror. Magic is in the person who recognizes himself in it. TINTENSTROM isn’t serious, but nevertheless it offers profound insights. Coincidence? I don’t think so.


The oracle only really reveals its secrets when you live it, so TINTENSTROM also takes on the dimension of a roleplaying game. There is always an invitation not only to see the information on the playing cards as "mental food", but also to embody the roles and aspects, to immerse oneself completely, to study the behavior of the respective role or aspect: How does it move? What would it like to eat? With whom would it meet? The recommendation is to approach the tasks of the play like an actor, as if one were convincing an imaginary or real audience. One plays one’s inner theatre hidden or visible, depending on the selected setting. Through living the individual roles and aspects, one experiences the "medicine" of the game, because TINTENSTROM is also a changemaker game.


The root of the problems within our society begins with the relationship of man to himself. Each individual has his own say, and therefore makes an impact which contributes to the direction of the whole collective. Do we want a more beautiful world? The oracle, like the playing cards and game tasks, is structured in such a way that they accompany the player from the conditioned mind, the functional mode, towards the goal of the game. The objective of freedom, that most precious space that opens to the mode of being. It’s not only about the cards and game tasks, but also about the encounters, experiences or observations derived from real life which are hints throughout the game. Pay attention to the signs. Coincidence? I don’t think so.


"I made not a single discovery based on rational thought.” Albert Einstein

According to the latest scientific findings in the study of quantum physics, we must bid goodbye to our current world view. The rational approach is not enough to understand the new emerging world view. The language of the oracle enables an intuitive communication in order to explore perspectives of our existence which are not yet clear, but which can lead us to discovery towards a new understanding in which the world is not just a thing to be used, but a living organism.

"New things do not come about through the intellect, but through the play instinct, which acts out of inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.” Carl Gustav Jung


TINTENSTROM is also like a living organism. It has no rigid rules; it develops constantly and the players have the possibility to participate in this process. Edition 1 "GNOTHI SEAUTON - Know Thyself" consists of 48 blue cards, while Edition 2 "LEELA - Game of Life" is expanded to include red opponent cards and golden trump cards, bringing the total to 78 playing cards.

If the hero*in of the game sets out to discover the most precious thing in him*herself, he*she must expect to be confronted with tasks and opponents. The final boss in Edition 2 is the dicator. He*she is the personified conditioned mind who wants power, security and control at all costs to protect against the unpredictability of life. For this he uses a sophisticated system of guardians.


The booklet contains suggestions on how TINTENSTROM can be played, from individual oracle play, oracle play in groups in open frames, to examples of game evenings and workshops, or to use in therapeutic settings as well as art and theatre. TINTENSTROM has proven it’s worth both in private settings, be it in curiosity about which card to draw and what this has to do with the current situation, or as an opportunity for playful exchange. It has been played at festivals, parties and vernissages and can be used as an additional level of play whenever people come together.

In addition, TINTENSTROM can also be used in the professional sector, for the purpose of exploring teambuilding processes or seminars and congresses. The intelligence of the oracle and/or role play offers new creative perspectives. By selecting the cards, you can narrow down the area in which you want to play.

"TINTENSTROM - Theater in the Hidden" Edition 1 Gnothi Seauton: 48 Cards, A7, for 20 EUR plus shipping costs.

"TINTENSTROM - Theater in the Hidden" Edition 2 Leela: 78 Cards, A7, for 35 EUR plus shipping costs.

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BOOKLET Edition 1: "Gnothi Seauton" Download (PDF)

BOOKLET Edition 2: "Leela" Download (PDF)

TINTENSTROM- Theater in the Hidden is alive, it keeps evolving. You are invited to co-create! Bring in your ideas, suggestions or experiences. The game looks forward to your inputs